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Standard Supply Electronics is an independent distributor in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were established in 1929. Standard Supply is a general line franchised distributor for many important lines. They also have THOUSANDS of surplus electronic parts totaling MILLIONS of pieces and are adding items weekly. They have a list that is updated here. If you have surplus parts you would like to sell, contact them. If you have a special part you just cannot find, please contact them. Contact information is available at their website. They have access to some unique sources for electronic parts. Make sure you get on their email list for specials and announcements. Their Amazon Store is here, and their Ebay store is here.

EWaste Gold Do you have a bunch of gold plated connectors, or PC Boards? This is an informative Kindle e-book for electronic scrappers and now available on Amazon. Please order it here.

Nerd Surplus is a fun book showing how "Nerds & "makers" profit & have fun with surplus electronic parts & technical treasures!". Order it here.

Picker's Bible is a great book for learning how to find antiques, collectibles and other treasures in another man's trash. Order it here.

WowSurplus is a great ebay store found here. Here you will find industrial surplus, Ham Radio products, parts, test equipment and more. Please check often as there is a warehouse full of stuff they will be listing.

Mendelsons When you go to Dayton, please visit this amazing gigantic store. Parts, industrial, and every last thing. What an experience.

Need tubes? Contact Stanley at ESRC1. Buy and sell.

The Vintage Technology Association. Historical Computer and Tech! Site.

More Links will be added soon! If you find a great surplus link, let us know here!

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